Louisse Bosschieter

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Porcelain Artist:

For 20 years Louisse has been a member of the Victoria Guild of China Painters and in 1994 she became President. During her term as President the Guild celebrated their 25th Anniversary and APAT held the Australasian Exhibition at the Hilton in Melbourne. While Louisse was President she travelled to all regional areas associated with the Guild helping to promote and encourage new members.

Louisse’s success as President found her re-elected in 2007 and is currently the active President.


It was in 2003 Louisse became president of the Australian Porcelain Art Teacher association and carried that position for 5 years. Always looking for a challenge Louisse was elected President of the Australasian committee to stage the 11th Australasian Exhibition & Convention in Melbourne in 2007 a job she took on with a passion.  


Louisse has attended seminars with oversea’s artists such as Andrew Orr, Filipe Pereira and Andreas Knobl. She also has been a guest artist.

 Apart from all the knowledge Louisse has obtained, she is grateful for all the special friends she made along the way


Louisse Bosschieter

Born in Holland Louisse found her love for art in her teenage years in Amsterdam where school students were encouraged to buy yearly passes to art galleries. Her favourite was the Rijks Museum with old masters, including Rembrandt and Frans Hals.


Despite her love of art Louisse did not study painting but went on to become a nurse. Married with three children , Louisse and her husband decided to immigrate to Australia in 1981. Because she didn’t know anyone Louisse took up china painting to meet other people after seeing a demonstration in Ringwood. After 2 years she also commenced lessons with Rosemary du Plessis, Lorraine McLeod and Betty Wood. She has exhibited her work in many agricultural shows around Melbourne, her work winning her many major awards.